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What is a
digital detox?

Long periods of time spent in front of screens can not only affect the quality of our life, but also result in information overload that may overwhelm our senses. Using a smartphone or computer for long hours can lead to effects like irregular sleep patterns, depression, anxiety, weight gain along with time management and self-esteem issues. To counter these effects, we must ensure that we take some time off from the internet and screens in general.

Ways to take a
break from digital life:

Set boundaries:

Whether at work or personal time with your gadgets, ensure to set boundaries. Limit your time on devices and make space for technology-free hours.


Try exploring hobbies outside of the screen like reading, painting, writing and drawing (on pen and paper), taking walks and even spending screen-free time with friends and family.

Using technology with purpose:

There’s no doubt that phones and computers are useful for work, social connection etc. However, ensure that you use these devices for a purpose and not as an escape from responsibilities. Use features of your phone like turning off notifications, to limit screen time.

Check out this video on how a digital detox can help and why it is needed.

Apps you can trust for your digital detox journey: