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Benefits of

Volunteering is one of the most essential pillars of society. It allows us to help and include those in need while supporting the community and contributing to worthwhile causes. Moreover, volunteering or lending a hand can have additional benefits. It leads to lower rates of stress and depression, keeps people mentally stimulated and overall provides a sense of fulfilment.

How to get started on your volunteering journey:

1. Choose a cause and an organization:

The first step is to identify a cause that resonates with you. Take some time to research organizations that cater to the cause. Volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean investing long hours. It can be flexible and easily adjusted to your daily routine.

2. Reach out:

Once you have chosen the cause and the organization you are interested to work with, reach out to their team. Discuss how you can contribute in a way that fits in with your schedule.

3. Be consistent, spread awareness:

Over time, continue to lend your efforts. You can be the one who encourages more people to join the cause by spreading awareness and information.

Enlist yourself as an Aster Volunteer and contribute meaningfully to the community now.

Watch this video by Aster Volunteers and the impact made on communities since its inception in 2017