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Why is it important to
express emotions?

It is often believed that vulnerability is a sign of weakness, particularly emotional vulnerability.

However, expressing emotions is a sign of strength and it also helps foster more intimate and deeper connections. Additionally, we should not only limit emotional expression to positive emotions but also negative emotions as that helps bring a healthy balance to overall wellbeing. It can be challenging sometimes, but over time expression of emotions helps address past trauma through which we can minimize the lasting effect they can have.

Few proven ways to
emotionally express oneself:

1. Journaling:

One important benefit of journaling is to help find clarity and make discoveries. It creates an inner dialogue of sorts, where you can write freely without any external judgement and can be completely honest with yourself. Journaling also allows you to reflect back on your growth journey as you go through your previous entry pages.

2. Open communication:

An important way of expressing emotions is to communicate freely. Express your opinions and thoughts openly, as honesty is quite important to build healthy relationships.

3. Celebrate wins, accept losses:

Make sure to pat yourself on the back for wins in day-to-day life and on the other hand, accept and learn from the not-so-pleasant situations. In either case, it is crucial to identify and process your emotions.

Learn some simple tips on journaling through the below video and get started today:

Learn some simple tips on how to express your feelings & emotions without fear:

Resources: Check these apps to record your moments: