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Benefits of learning
an instrument

Did you know that learning a musical instrument has a number of mental health benefits? It boosts mood, has various cognitive benefits, increases memory performance and also reduces stress and anxiety. Additionally, learning a musical instrument increases patience and some degree of mental sharpness.

Getting started with
your musical journey:

Choose the instrument and type of music you want to learn:

First, identify what type of music you intend to learn and which instrument you enjoy. This process can also include choosing a list of songs you aim to learn and master.

Music classes:

Having an instructor to help you along this journey can be very beneficial. If you have a hectic schedule, starting off with online classes can allow flexibility and help you incorporate this learning into your daily routine.

Comfortable pace:

Don’t rush the process. Learning an instrument from scratch is undoubtedly challenging. Be patient and consistent with your practice while enjoying the journey.

Check out this video from TedEd to learn more about the benefits of learning music/a musical instrument to improve your mental wellbeing.

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Resources: These apps will help you get started with learning music