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Art for

Art has been found to be therapeutic. Not only does it promote mental well-being, but it also allows for a space for social connection and self expression. Painting fosters creative and emotional growth, strengthens memory, builds problem-solving and motor skills and also provides stress relief. Overall, it is a productive way to counter stressful situations.

Painting for
beginners 101

1. Choose the medium:

You don’t have to be a great artist to start painting. Start by choosing the medium that you want to explore. It can be oil, acrylic or watercolor. It has been found that human beings are innately creative, so art should not be the limited domain of “artists”.

2. Look for inspiration in everyday things:

Inspiration can come from our surroundings whether it’s nature, or our own dreams.

3. Express through art:

As you try out your hand at different genres, you will find that art can be used as a medium to express a whole range of emotions like sadness, anger, love and happiness.

Learn how to draw your feelings with an easy activity by watching the below video

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